Friday, January 23, 2015

     Venezuela handled a problem that was thrown there way surprisingly well. due to a shipping problem over 100 McDonald's ran out of potatoes to make french fries. So instead of the regular french fries they started deep frying Venezuelan specials yuca root and arepa flatbread.
     The multi-national food chain is claiming they cannot get potatoes into Venezuela even though other food chains aren't having this problem. Many theories have been concocted by many people and even the president of Venezuela has responded to the potato crisis. A state sponsored news outlet named Telesur has published a story titled, "McDonald's joins economic war against Venezuela,"
      People have been making too big of a deal over some potatoes. Everyone should look at the bright side. McDonalds around the world should start serving not only american food but also local food from there country. This would be healthier and the food would be fresher then other imported goods.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

everyone wasn't born to dance

        The students in charge of running the dance haven't done the greatest job at advertising the dance. At la middle school a dance is taking place on January 9 to celebrate the new year. It's five dollars to get in for the average student. Four dollars with an asb or incentive card or three dollars with both. The dance will be at 6:00 to 7:30.
           There are other activities at the dance besides dancing but almost nobody has been told what they are in detail just that they are there. I spoke with some students not going to the dance and one of the main reasons they didn't want to go was they didn't know how to dance and didn't want to embarrass themselves and didn't know other activities were there. I also spoke to some of the students going. some of the reasons that they told me were i'm chaperoning or that they had nothing better to do. One student even said, "my parents are making me go."
       that brings me to my conclusion that to draw more people in to wanting to go the best way is to keep everyone in the loop of everything going on at the dance to draw different people in with the different things to do. I mean because everyone wasn't born to dance.    

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keep your mouth shut     by Addason
Braces are very helpful in many ways. The biggest way is probably straightening your teeth to prevent future pains. Now a days you can customize what color they are. But when braces and physical sports come together the result is not pretty.
It was misty outside on a monday afternoon at the laguna middle school gym. The school basketball team was practicing in the main gym. The team was going over some plays when a player tried to steal the ball from a second player. While trying to steal the ball somehow The second player's elbow came into contact with the first player's braces. The result was a large gash on the second player's elbow and immense pain for the first player's teeth. It must have hurt more for the player with braces because he slammed his hand on the gym floor in pain and had to call his parent before practice ended for a ride home. Whereas the player with the elbow injury seemed to shrug it off. One teammate even said “ I didn't even know he was injured."
If you have braces and play a physical sport be aware of your surrounding and actions for the safety of others and yourself. And please make sure to keep your mouth shut while playing.