Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keep your mouth shut     by Addason
Braces are very helpful in many ways. The biggest way is probably straightening your teeth to prevent future pains. Now a days you can customize what color they are. But when braces and physical sports come together the result is not pretty.
It was misty outside on a monday afternoon at the laguna middle school gym. The school basketball team was practicing in the main gym. The team was going over some plays when a player tried to steal the ball from a second player. While trying to steal the ball somehow The second player's elbow came into contact with the first player's braces. The result was a large gash on the second player's elbow and immense pain for the first player's teeth. It must have hurt more for the player with braces because he slammed his hand on the gym floor in pain and had to call his parent before practice ended for a ride home. Whereas the player with the elbow injury seemed to shrug it off. One teammate even said “ I didn't even know he was injured."
If you have braces and play a physical sport be aware of your surrounding and actions for the safety of others and yourself. And please make sure to keep your mouth shut while playing.